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"Prodigy Complete IT Solutions delivers amazing service 24/7.  As a company, we can not afford any downtime.  I can always count on immediate service and resolve any problems our development company encounters."

Gene Smith

Office Manager

Welcome the new age of computing, with flexible, cost-conscious cloud solutions

Is your current IT provider sticking to the same tired old script; waiting until an issue arises and then responding with minimal urgency? Many providers get stuck in a rut, providing basic break-fix support.

They fail to offer innovation, they struggle to perform proactive maintenance and so many simply refuse to tailor tech solutions to the unique and varied needs of their clients.​

Is downtime holding your business back?
Is your provider unresponsive when things go wrong?
Is your tech stagnant with a provider who won't innovate?
Is improper system maintenance putting your data at risk?

We hear you!

Excessive downtime can have adverse effects on an organization, ranging from an unproductive, frustrated team to disillusioned, unhappy customers.

At Prodigy Complete IT Solutions, our Managed Services capabilities and tools provide us with actionable insights into the health of your IT network, allowing us to perform preventative maintenance that reduces the risk of damaging downtime.

Some IT providers are stuck in a time warp somewhere around the early 2010s. Since then a vast range of tools and platforms have come online which offer unprecedented workplace productivity-boosting potential.

At Prodigy Complete IT Solutions, we help our clients deploy cutting-edge collaboration setups involving the most innovative platforms out there. We can help you make data accessible for efficient collaboration, while deploying the checks and balances needed to keep sensitive information secure.

Data breaches can have a profound effect on any organization. They can often inflict serious reputational damage, and in heavily-regulated industries they can carry severe financial and legal penalties.

At Prodigy Complete IT Solutions, the initial component of our security approach involves understanding the compliance landscape your business operates in. We then review your current setup, noting where the vulnerabilities lie, before sealing up those weak spots using a range of security best practices. We know the risks inherent in a weak security posture so we don't leave anything to chance!

Businesses change constantly, but often IT providers struggle to respond to these changes.

At Prodigy Complete IT Solutions, we thrive on long-term partnerships. We take pride in developing future tech strategies with our clients, helping them plan for tomorrow's changes, today!

We have the skills and knowledge needed to implement transformational IT change while ensuring operational continuity.

What do you need from your IT provider?

Prodigy Complete IT Solutions is different.

We expertly tailor tech strategies that address the unique set of circumstances faced by each of our clients. We offer a broad portfolio of IT services, from IT project management and Cloud Migrations to managed support and security infrastructure; we’ve got all bases covered.

"Choosing Prodigy Complete IT Solutions as our IT partner was truly one of the best vendor decisions.  Whenever an IT disaster strikes, Prodigy Complete IT Solutions comes to our rescue.  Regardless of the size of the problem or the hour of the day, when we call, Prodigy Complete IT Solutions responds with technical expertise that puts us at ease."

Ruth Reeves



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Our Managed IT Services

IT Support

Taking a “prevention is better than cure approach,” our IT support focuses on actions that reduce the possibility of system downtime. If something does go wrong, our helpdesk is on hand to provide the exceptional technical support you need.

Cyber Security

Our compliance-conscious cyber security offering features all the technical devices needed to keep your network secure. From firewall and antivirus deployment to encryption and patch management; we only use the best tools for the job.

Cloud Solutions

Offering unprecedented flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency, we help businesses embrace the transformative potential of Cloud computing. Whether you’re looking to migrate a server or take advantage of cloud-hosted managed services, let us do the technical heavy lifting so you can focus on running your business.


A critical component on any business continuity plan, a sound data backup strategy is essential to help your business rebound from any catastrophic event. Whether your data is in the cloud or on-premise, we can deploy backup solutions so your corporate information is always retrievable.


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