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Cyber Security

Defend your data, configure for compliance, and reinforce your reputation

It can be hard to express how devastating a cyber attack can be until it happens. You could find yourself unable to operate, suffering irreparable reputational damage and that’s before we even consider the financial and legal consequences that could ensue. Put simply, you want to avoid a cyber attack at all costs.

Sadly however, many IT providers don’t take cyber threats seriously, with many failing to take the proactive steps that keep the bad actors at bay.
Remote working pushing the limits of your security infrastructure?
Don't have the tools to manage access to your sensitive data?
Worried malware scammers might hold your business to ransom?
Concerned about the legal implications of a data breach?


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Our Solutions

At Prodigy Complete IT Solutions, we take a fastidious approach to cyber security, offering our clients a range of technical devices designed to ensure security both within and on the periphery of your network.

With our multi-sector experience, we’re conscious that certain industries are subject to more stringent data protection regulation than others. We’ll help you meet and exceed any compliance obligations you have, using the best data security tools on the market.

Network Security

We configure and manage traffic in and out of your network using cutting-edge firewall protection. Reduce the likelihood of a cyber attack by limiting access to sites which are more likely to be harbouring malware.

Managed Access

Our access management tools can ensure that only authorised personnel are able to access your data. Enforce multi-factor authentication, add access requirements such as biometric data and secure remote devices with our endpoint management capabilities.

Malware Filtering

We can roll out filtering software across your digital estate. Intercept and eliminate viruses and malware threats that find their way onto your network.

Email Security

The email inbox is the most common vector of transmission for malware. We offer the tools to protect your email accounts from spam and phishing attempts, greatly reducing the overall threat to your network.

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