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Many providers take a passive approach to IT support, fixing issues as and when they arise. Even then, many are slow to react to a support ticket and even slower to remedy the issue. With little to no proactive maintenance being done and sluggish support, service delivery, productivity and customer confidence is bound to suffer.

Here at Prodigy Complete IT Solutions, we take a different approach!
Is a "buggy" system holding back your team?

Is excessive downtime impeding your workflow?


Feeling lost with unresponsive and poor communication from your provider?

Bewildered by technical language?


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Our IT Support offering

We know how frustrating downtime can be, so we do everything possible to prevent issues presenting in the first place. Using network monitoring, proactive patch management and our advanced analytics capabilities we can seal up the cracks in your system before they develop into business-critical issues.

If something does go wrong, you’ll have access to our fast-acting technical support that’ll get your systems on their feet again as quickly as possible.

Technical Support

Remote Helpdesk & On-Site Technical Support Services.

Proactive Maintenance

Identifying potential faults and applying upgrades & patches to prevent issues from developing. 

Consulting & Technical Services

From planning and designing a solution, to installation, configuration and ongoing support; we look after the whole process of sourcing and setting-up new tech.


Sourcing of any computer or IT equipment and services that you require for your network.

Looking for proactive, flexible and reliable IT Support?